Previously, when airlines were pressurized to keep up their name and prove their worth following a series of incidents, Alaska airlines never failed to deliver and always managed to excel in its performance. On the basis of the annual Airline Quality Rating, Alaska topped the list consecutively for two years, surpassing Delta Airlines by a few scores.

However, over the past years, Delta has been ticking all the right boxes and has been making large investments in processes and equipment to make sure that the flights operate on time and the passengers are able to arrive at their destinations on time. The airlines have earned their name in the annual Airline Quality Rating (AQR) report as a result of its continuous efforts to make things better.

Delta Air Lines has ultimately smashed all records and excelled in all fields filed in the 2019 report. The airlines ranked the top third position and outperformed in all the four levels covered by the AQR study and have gained a lot of name and fame for not throwing customers from their flights. Alaska Airlines has not been able to match up to its performance with Delta but is trying its level best to match up to its name and fame.

Here is a detailed comparison between the two airlines based on the parameters that are considered important by the Airline Quality Rating (AQR) report while evaluating the performance of an airline.

Ticketing Options

You can buy 6 types of Delta Airlines tickets that the airline offers and enjoy the all the inflight experiences provided to you by the airlines. If you travel with a basic economy fare, the airline will provide you a seat and the permission to travel with small carry-on baggage, and a personal item. However, you cannot select your own seat and make yourself comfortable on the assigned seat.

On the other hand, the ticketing options of Alaska Airlines will give you options to choose from 3 types of fares that are available to book. Traveling with the basic fare, you can carry one personal item and a carry-on.

Baggage Fees

Delta Airlines allows its passengers in all of their cabins to bring 1 standard carry-on bag 1 personal item without paying any fee. According to the baggage policies set by the airline, the maximum size limit of the personal item and the carry-on piece must be 22″ x 14″ x 9″.

Similarly, Alaska airlines have more or less the same baggage policies like that of the delta. You are allowed to carry one personal item and one standard carry-on bag without paying any fee. The maximum size limit set by Alaska for a carry-on bag is 22” x 14” x 9”. However, the airlines do not reveal any size limit for carrying a personal item.

In-flight Amenities

Delta Airlines will introduce you to an exciting range of in-flight amenities on your onboard journey. From complimentary snacks to free headphones on international flights, you will be highly satisfied with the service provided on a Delta Airlines flight. You can also have a great time watching movies and playing games by accessing the facilities from Delta Studio. These are the basic amenities that you will get traveling in an economy class flight.

Alaska Airlines, on the other hand, goes an extra notch up and mesmerize you with its amazing range of in-flight amenities. From Spacious Recaro leather seats to power sockets, luxurious blankets, and freshly prepared meals, Alaska airlines will never give you a chance to complain. You can also use your personal device and stream your favorite movies and series and enjoy your time flying.

Frequent Flyer Program

Delta’s loyalty program SkyMiles gives all its members the opportunity to earn points whenever they choose Delta or any of its partner airlines for traveling to any place. There are also other ways to earn miles on an everyday basis by shopping or eating out and using your certain credit cards.

For Alaska Airlines, you can sign up for the loyalty program called Mileage Plan and enjoy all its benefits. The airlines are in association with various global partners and will create the opportunity to earn valuable miles when you fly with airlines like British Airways and Cathay Pacific. Also, Mileage Plan is one of the most generous frequent flyer programs, where you can earn a mile for a mile. Apart from it, you can also involve yourself in day-to-day activities like dining, shopping or staying in a hotel to earn miles.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is an important factor in determining the position of an airline. Delta is one of the most popular U.S. carriers that have several awards on its shoulders and has also earned a lot of praise from customers all over the world for its sincerity and punctuality. The airline has also earned the title of “the most on-time mainline airline in 2018” by Flight Global.

Coming to Alaska Airlines, people has given a lot of love and respect to airlines. It has all been possible because of the unparalleled customer service it has been providing to all of its customers. The airline has also gained popularity because of its helpful and friendly flight attendants and an active and dedicated customer service team. Alaska has also been successful in building a lot of loyal customers who frequently use social media to praise the airlines for their amazing and outstanding service, and are always ready to defend their favorite airline from the comments of critics.

Thus, you can conclude that Alaska airlines have received the best ratings in most of the categories, among all the major airlines. Delta, on the other hand, has got the second place each time. For parameters like in-flight services and baggage policies, Alaska and Delta have scored almost equally. It is true that Alaska has a huge fan following but Delta is also doing what it can do best for pleasing the customers and earning a position in the aviation industry.








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