Delta Vs American

When it comes to traveling via flight, most of the people get confused about which airline to choose. Searching for a suitable airline is a daunting task as you need to compare, keeping all the factors in your mind, such as affordability, in-flight services, safety, baggage allowances, etc. Passengers keep on switching their preferred air carriers based on their past experiences. They tend to find the best airline in the aviation industry, which is quite difficult as each airline promises to deliver the best onboard services to its passengers.

To make your work easier, here in this guide, we have compared two major US airlines, Delta and American, based on certain parameters. Clear your confusion and select the airline accordingly.

Delta Vs American: Better Mobile App 

Delta Airlines beats American Airlines hands down in this. The mobile app of American Airlines is terrible and poorly designed. Maybe the iPhone version of the airline is good, but the android version is atrocious.

Coming to Delta Airline’s mobile app, it is much better to use for more significant effects. The interface is more intuitive, the boarding passes are easier to scan, and there’s more information in the offline mode. “Fly Delta” is the name of the mobile app of Delta Airlines.

Delta Vs American: Onboard Catering

Food on American Airlines is both unappetizing and unhealthy. It’s the one thing that food is unhealthy, but at least make it taste good. Unfortunately, American Airlines is not doing very well on either front. The state of American’s first-class catering is weak. One bright point is that now the airline permits you to order special meals on domestic flights.

Delta Airline’s onboard catering is of much better quality, with an amazing presentation. While traveling in the morning, a passenger is provided with a choice of cold or hot items. Some aircraft of Delta Airlines don’t have ovens so that they will offer only cold meals.

Both airlines offer complimentary snacks on a few routes. Snack baskets are mostly made of the content of junk. On the “healthy” end of the scale, Delta has slightly more options.

Delta Vs American: Baggage Allowance

Both airlines have the same kind of baggage policies for its passengers. The baggage policy of American Airlines allows passengers to bring one carry-on and one personal item for free. American charges $25 for 1st checked baggage, $35 for 2nd checked baggage, and $150 for 3rd checked baggage.

According to the baggage policy of Delta Airlines, passengers can bring one personal item and one carry-on luggage for free onboard. This personal item could be anything g such as a backpack, purse, laptop bag, etc. Passengers will have to pay $25, $35, $150 for the first, second, and third checked baggage.

Delta Vs American: Onboard Amenities

Onboard Wi-Fi coverage and speed of both the airlines are not excellent or consistent. Delta is trying to improve its Wi-Fi speed, and when it works, it’s fantastic. On most of the flights, it remains inactive for whatever reason. That’s quite frustrating. On the other hand, Wi-Fi speed on American Airlines is not good, but it will be consistent, and that is more important.

While talking about other amenities, Delta has a lot more to offer. If you are traveling first class on Delta Airlines, you will board to discover a pillow, a packaged blanket, and a small bottle of water at your seat. You will find this even on regional jets. American Airlines stock pillows only on the premium transcon route, but you will find a blanket on each seat.

Both the airline offers pre-departure beverages, but flight attendants of American Airlines don’t like to serve them. On the other hand, My Delta crews are great about offering drinks during boarding. They will take all your orders ahead of time as well while you are in the air.

Delta is focusing on refreshing its fleet. Interiors of the Delta Airlines are stunning, with mood lightening, more spacious bins, and built-in IFE. Delta still has many un-refurbished flights, but when you look at the revamped aircraft, that is very pleasant.

Delta Vs American: Ranking

After going across all the parameters and discussing with many frequent flyers, I found that Delta Airlines is undoubtedly a better airline. Delta shines in every aspect, including baggage handling, delays, in-flight amenities, etc., Delta Airlines beats American Airlines in almost all categories. It’s always an ideal choice to make your choice as per your comfort, and Delta has everything to make your journey smooth and relaxed.

Delta operation is the best among other major airlines, while American is still fighting for its position against rival airlines. Choose Delta Airlines for your next travel without giving a second thought.

Delta Vs American: Onboard Power & Outlets

Travel with American airlines, and you will find that the power situation of the airline is absolutely and completely unacceptable. Flights of American Airlines don’t have power outlets onboard. Renovated Admiral Clubs have enhanced their outlet situation, but mostly gate areas are still lacking in the same. I know there are many people who will say “charge your device before leaving, flights are for relaxation not for work,” but many passengers, particularly in the first-class, are traveling for work, and that’s why they need in-seat power. Passengers now rely on the airline app to be updated, so charging a device is mandatory.

Delta Airlines has outlets on nearly all mainline aircraft. The mobile app of the airline features whether your flight has in-seat power or not. Power-up stations are available at almost all gates that allow multiple passengers to charge the device at the same time.

Delta Vs American: Loyalty program

As per the news of, the loyalty program of Delta Airlines is better. Though both the loyalty program provides various benefits to its passengers, but SkyMiles wins this on certain measures. SkyMiles bestow its passengers with multiple benefits. With SkyMiles, every trip and purchase will take you closer to your dream destination. Collect the miles and use them later for traveling and everyday activities. It is free to join, and miles don’t even expire.

Coming to the frequent flyer program of American Airlines, AAdvantage, is also very famous among regular passengers. Earn miles every time you fly on the airline, oneworld, and other participating airlines. You can use your miles for upgrades, flights to nearly 1000 worldwide destinations, vacations, hotels and car rentals, and other retail products. By joining AAdvantage, passengers get entitled to earn miles on every reservation with the airline.


It’s quite tricky to decide which airline is cheaper as both the airlines keep releasing the latest deals to discounts to make its passengers journey an affordable one. Delta and American both airlines lure passengers with the prospect of cheaper airfares.

The booking process and airfares are quite similar to both airlines; you can get flight tickets under your budget. So, here is the no clear winner owing to competitive airfares.


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