San Francisco is one of the most serene and varied cities in the world. Whenever you visit the city, you feel excited and get a positive vibe from the city. It is also called the cultural, commercial, and financial hub of California. The town shot to fame in 1849 as the home of the California Gold Rush which at the time made it the largest city on the West Coast. The place is home to some of the favorite restaurants where the best chefs from all over the world come to display their culinary skills. San Francisco

Some of the popular points of interest in the city are as follows-

See the Golden Gate Bridge

When you are in San Francisco, you should not forget to visit the Golden Gate Bridge as it is one of the most prestigious and also the most-photographed points in the world. The Golden Gate Bridge is visible from places all over town. You can either drive your car across it or bike over it. However, the best way to spend time there is to take a walk across the bridge and look at the big ships crossing the bridge underneath you.

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Take a walk to Fort Point

If you are not in the mood to visit the Golden Gate Bridge, you can instead walk over till the Crissy Field and cross the promenade by the water till you reach the fort built for the Civil War from where you get a clear view of the Golden Gate. You can spend a good time at this place taking pictures of the bridge, watch surfers getting stuck at the jagged rocks and also get to dig some history from the past

Head Down to The Waterfront at Fisherman’s Wharf

If you want to experience the best cuisine of San Francisco, you must visit the most hyped waterfront community at Fisherman’s Wharf. There, you can gorge over some tasty food and get to dine at some of the best places in the world. The place also sells fresh Dungeness crab or fresh fish caught on the very day. You can also go on many different tours of the area including Segway, walking, boat and many other places from that area.

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Visit Alcatraz

Another famous site located 1.5 miles off the shore of San Francisco is Alcatraz Island. Somewhere between 1933 and 163, the small island was turned into a military shelter and became one of the most famous military and federal prisons.

One could reach the place only by ferry. On reaching the island, you can take a tour of the prison buildings and visit places like the cell block, exercise yard, and other areas.

Ride a Cable Car

Another activity you can indulge in San Francisco is by taking a ride in the cable car. The cable cars are uniquely designed and are considered as the city’s moving landmark. It is also a thrilling activity for many visitors as you ride down the hills. However, it can also not attract some tourists as they only go to a few places and people have to wait for long hours to get a ride.

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Embrace the Chinese Culture in Chinatown

San Francisco has four Chinatown, and the biggest one is located on Grant Avenue. It is the biggest Chinatown in the whole of Asia as well as being the oldest in North America. The town is large enough to accommodate two hospitals, many parks and attracts more visitors each year than the Golden Gate Bridge.

If you are looking for authentic Chinese cuisine in San Francisco, you need to get a taste of real traditional Chinese food straightway. You can also take part in the Chinese festival taking place during the autumn season without spending a penny.

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