Have you heard of the place Minnesota? Is it really the land of 10,000 lakes, as depicted everywhere? Though the place is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, in reality, there are more than 10,000!

Minnesota is a suitable place for those who are interested in water sports. When in Minnesota, you can explore the vibrant cities, scenic national parks and some of the best shopping destinations in the country. The state has plenty to offer in terms of natural and Some of the scenic places in the city are- Minnesota

Voyageurs National Park

Voyageurs National Park is located in the exterior of International Falls and quite near to the borders of Canada. You can find various water bodies near to the park like the Lake Kabetogama and Rainy Lake. The park has an undeveloped shoreline and few tiny uninhabited islands. If you are looking to escape the crowds, it is the perfect place to visit.

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Pipestone National Monument

The Pipestone National Monument is one of the main attractions in the state. The park was established in 1937, and is situated on the grounds of a quarry. The place was once inherited by Native Americans who stayed there and earned their living. The Buffalo Ridge stands just above the Pipestone national Monument and can be used as a great viewpoint to look over the prairie below.

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Split Rock Lighthouse

Split Rock Lighthouse is a place that is no doubt one of the picture-perfect places in the United States. The lighthouse, that is located south-west of Silver Bay, is 100 years old and is a national landmark of the state of Minnesota. The lighthouse became the main point of interest for the Split Rock Lighthouse State Park. The park was seen in 2013 adaptation of the movie The Great Gatsby.

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Grand Marais

The location of the small village Grand Marais will leave you spellbound. The village sit next to the double harbor just on the edge of Lake Superior’s North Shore. The Superior Hiking Trail starts from this village and covers several viewpoints along Lake Superior’s shore and can even take you to as far as Canada. The village also encourages local artworks and motivates them to sell their showcase their talent through their paintings, drawings and sculptures.

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Saint Paul

Your visit to the state of Minnesota will remain incomplete without visiting the capital city of Saint Paul. The city sits just beside Minneapolis and together forms a metropolitan city known as the Twin Cities. The landmark Center is regarded as one of the iconic structures of Saint Paul. The castle like structure in landmark center was designed to serve the purpose of a federal courthouse and a post office but is now used as quirky galleries and sculptures.

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The Boundary Waters Canoe Area

The area is located far north of the state and can be reached from places like Ely or Grand Marais. This area is huge and internally linked by countless glacier streams and lakes. The place is quite scenic and often the best place to hang out. You can rent a canoe for a day and paddle around the common spots. Adventure lovers would want to head out into the wilderness.Camping is a common activity where you can place your tent near the clear stream and spent a lazy afternoon or starry just admiring the beauty of the place.

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