Most of the time, travelers and fliers consider one airline every time whenever they think about booking a flight. They get caught to a misconception that their favorite airline is the most reliable, least expensive and punctual air carrier.

But there is no denying to the fact that every airline has its own strengths and weaknesses. So, here in this blog, we have mentioned few points describing which airline can be the better option between Alaska and United Airlines for fliers. From airfares to cabin comfort to the loyalty program; we have analyzed through a number of aspects of both these airlines to find, which is best to travel. You can clear your confusion by going through the below-mentioned points and make flight reservations as per your choice.

  1. Forbes Airlines Ranking

As per the latest reports released by Forbes in 2019, Alaska Airlines tops the list in the ranking of best American Airlines, as it came best in various categories. From areas like complaints and delays to in-flight amenities, Alaska got a better score than United Airlines in almost all categories. Where Alaska came on top in the Forbes list with a score of 63.52 out of 100, and United Airlines got only 45.6 and came 7th. Alaska has also no fatalities reported due to any flight-related issues. It is always a better choice to make your decision based on comfort and safety provided on the flight rather than any other thing. However, Alaska is the better choice in both these situations.

  1. Airlines vs. United Airlines Best Baggage Policy

When it comes to the baggage allowance, then you will find both airlines provide almost the same kind of fee-free baggage allowance. Alaska permits its passengers to bring one carry-on item and one personal item on the flight without any fee.

The same goes for United Airlines; it also allows its passengers on the flight with one carry-on bag and one personal item that too free of cost. However, with both airlines, if you wish to travel with extra baggage than the free allowance, then you would need to apply for the checked baggage allowance and pay the applicable fee.

  1. Airlines vs. United Airlines Best In-flight Amenities

Flying with Alaska Airlines will take you away on a pleasant journey. Right from boarding the flight to landing at the destination, you will be offered with world-class amenities that are designed to make comfortable. Spacious seats come with features like adjustable headrest, ample legroom, 21-inch width, and much more. Passengers traveling in First-Class are offered with a selection of world-class cuisines and wines. Alaska Airlines try its best to impress your taste buds and offers a three-course meal, desserts, or mouth-watering cheese sandwiches. Alaska Airlines also keeps you away from boredom by providing a collection of movies, television shows, music albums, sports news, and much more on the flight.

Coming to the United Airlines, all the in-flight services provided by the airline are enough to make a passenger satisfied. United airlines offer almost the same kind of on-board service as Alaska Airlines. From a spacious and comfortable seating arrangement to the three-course meal facility, United Airlines covers you for all factors.

Apart from the comfortable seating, United Airlines’ in-flight entertainment options come with private screening so that passengers can watch their favorite movies without any interruption. United World-class meal, which comes along with three entry choices is served on the United Airlines flights. Food menus served on the flight are in association with the Trotter Project, named after the famous chef Charlie Trotter.

  1. Loyalty program

What does an individual want with a frequent flyer program? Well, according to us, factors like no blackout dates, easily reachable elite status, how easily Miles can be earned, and how quickly Miles expires decide the Excellency of a loyalty program.

When it comes to the better frequent flyer program, Alaska Airline’s Mileage Plan takes all the glory. Alaska’s Mileage Plan is considered one of the best loyalty programs in the world. According to travel.usnews as well, Alaska offers the best loyalty program. By joining the Mileage Plan program, passengers get entitled to earn Miles on every flight booking with Alaska Airlines and its other 18 airline partners, including Emirates Airways, American Airlines, and British Airways. Additionally, Passengers can earn Miles on purchase with retail, rental car, and hotel partners as well. There are no blackout dates for the redemption of Miles.

Coming to United Airline’s Mileage Plus program, it is also famous among regular travelers because of the quite decent benefits offered. The best point about MileagePlus, which will make you join this program immediately, is that the earned Miles will never expire. Moreover, you can use the earned Miles on only with United Airlines but with 35-plus other partners, including Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa. Additionally, you can earn Miles on shopping, dining, car rentals, cruise vacations, train fares, and other services as well. And since United Airlines has signed a contract with major hotel chains like Hyatt, Marriott, and IHG, you can earn Miles on the stay at properties worldwide.

  1. Lounges

Both Alaska and United Airlines has a vast network of Lounges. However, United Airline’s new launched Polaris Lounges deserved to be mentioned, as it has been voted as the best airline lounges within the United States. United Airline’s lounges feature facilities like conference room, family room, shower, Premium Wine and Spirit Program, and much more.

Coming to the Alaska Airlines lounge facility, you will not be disheartened as the airline has an extensive partner network. An Alaska Lounge membership entitles you to access more than 95 partner lounges globally.

  1. Cancellation Policy

Alaska and United airlines both have almost similar kind of cancellation policy. Both have a 24-hours cancellation policy, which allows you to cancel a ticket without any cancellation fee within 24 hours of flight reservation. Moreover, apart from the 24-hours ticket cancellation, a fee for the cancellation will be applicable depending on the flight fare.

  1. Affordability

Alaska and United both are quite renowned in the United States. However, when it comes to ticket affordability, it is quite tricky to know which one is more affordable. The price of both airlines is competitive and shadows each other from time to time. However, if you book a flight ticket from the hub of these airlines, then there are chances that you will get flight tickets under your budget.

So, these were some points that may help you to select which one is perfect. The choice entirely depends on your preferences and also loyalty towards a particular airline.


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